What’s Inside



We love to take care of our clients


We know that it’s not an easy task to keep a customer. It gets even harder when your software trades them around on their marketplace. Empowering

you with the tools you need to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers is what drives us.

Welcome to Glamiris, where we believe in the power of customer happiness for businesses of all sizes. We are breaking technology barriers between websites and CRM, between apps, tablets, and desktops for our customers for a seamless experience.

“In a world where salon softwares make artists compete on their marketplace, we believe that a long-term relationship with your clients is the key to success. “

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Glamiris’ Values

Who we are

At Glamiris, we celebrate diversity. Our team brings in the best of minds, ideas and backgrounds across continents with mix of experiences and expertise from North America, Europe, and Africa. Motivation, freshness and style forms the very core of who we are and what we do.

We are a perfect mix of leaders with experience in Fortune 50 to passionate young designers crafting ideas and solutions in war bunkers.


Just like you, we redo it if the results aren't the best. 3rd version of the design, 10+ person yrs of total effort







Our team speaks 7 languages and so we built our product like us
6 languages (More coming)


Over 100 artists have benefited from Glamiris' software's transformative impact on their creative journey